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Essential Explanations for Dragon Magic!

1) Nominal power of Dragon's magic card depends on its level. Level can be improved by absorbing cards/lands and gold.

E.g., Dragon Flame (or Wirlpool/Tornado/Rockfall/Forest fire) of 90 lvl has nominal power 6260.

2)  Dragon's mastery is applied to nominal power as a percent.

E.g., having dragon's mastery 50, your magic's power will be
6260 x 0.50 = 3130

So, its very important to traing your dragon's mastery!

3) «Dragon admirers», «Dragon's magic basics» and «Dragon's healing magic» increment dragon's mastery by 10 points each.

In example above:
Mastery = 50 + 10 + 10 = 70, so magic's power becomes 6260 х 0.70 = 4382

4) «Dragon tamers» collection doubles power of Dragon Flame (but doesnt affect any elemental magic).

In our example, power of Dragon Flame will become 4382 х 2 = 8764
Magic's power after above calculations you will see in your BattleDeck and Profiles of other players!
5) Elemental bonuses of Tournament and GuildWar Battle locations are applied to elemental Dragon's magic.

E.g., Wirlpool of lvl 90, with total mastery 70, on Tournament with 15% Water bonus will have power 4382 x 1,15 = 5039

Dragon Flame is out of elements, so elemental bonuses do not apply to it.

6) Depending of defensive card of your opponent in battle, elemental Dragon's magic can deal a damage equal halve of its power, equal to its power or one and a half of its power.

Dragon Flame is out of elements, so always deals damage equal to its power.

7) Healing magic simultaneously deals damage to the enemy and heals the magician using it in accordance with the rule of elemental interaction.

In the example below, «Tropical Downpour» (rightmost card) will deal damage: 2442 х 1.5 = 3663

You will be healed for same amount of HP.

x 0.5
x 1
x 1.5
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