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Card Improvement
The better the card, the higher its level.

Card’s level can be increased for gold at any time. However, the price can be reduced down to zero by absorbing other cards of the same element.

If you click the card in the Combat Deck or in the Bag you will see if there are cards available for absorption.

There are several rarity grades for all cards. Here is the ascending list:

 common (level < 5, power < 70)
 uncommon (level<10, power <170)
 rare (level < 20, power < 500)
 epic (level < 35, power < 1240)
 legendary (level < 60, power < 2930)
 mythic (level > 60, power > 2930)

Power values ​​are approximate and may vary.

As card’s level progresses so does its power and its rarity. Even Hobbit or Lizard can become mythic. On the other hand certain creatures like B'Armah Lay can never be common or even legendary since they are mythic by nature.
Power of all combat cards combined together is your health.
For advanced players: Combat deck consists of your 9 strongest cards. If you wish to move particular card from the bag to the combat deck you should increase its level.
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