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Equipment could be equipped on your character: four slots for cloth and shoes of 4 elements, two for artefacts. Equipment could be of 6 types of rarity (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, mythic).

Equipment could be obtained in rewards for Daily quests, in Chest shop, in Diamond rewards and New Year chests.

You cant have more than 999 items (clothes and shoes) and no more than 999 artefacts (excluding worn items and artefacts).

Equipment: cloths and shoes
When worn, any item increases power of EVERY CARD OF ITS ELEMENT in Combat deck by the value that depends on item's rarity. Beside that, of course, your character total HP will grow. Item could be equipped only in its slot. You cant wear two hat or four cloaks!

Important note: equipment empowers only your own cards in Combat deck. Equipment doesnt affect Guild card, Ally card, Goblin card or Winter enhancement card.

The increase of power depends on item's rarity:
 common item gives +25
 uncommon: +50
 rare: +100
 epic: +200
 legendary: +400
 mythic: +1000

Increases are summed up! E.g., common hat of earth and epic boots of earth together will give +225 to the power of every earth card in Combat deck.

Bonus application order: first of all, the power of every Combat deck card is increased by equipment bonus, than all percentage bonuses are applied: titles, collections, tournament buffs, buff of locations in GuildWars etc.

Additional items bonuses
There are two types of equipment Sets, that give additional bonuses.

1) «Single rarity»
Equip 4 items of same rarity, and bonus of each item will increase by 25%.

E.g., epic set of air items will increase every air card in Combar deck by 200 × 1,25 × 4 = 1000.

2) «Four elements school»
Equip 4 items of 4 different elements, and every item will increase ALL Combat deck cards, regardless of their element.

E.g., two any epic and twi any legendary items when worn, will increase power of all Combat deck cards by 200 × 2 + 400 × 2 = 1200.

You can combine both sets: «Four elements school» of epic rarity will increase power of ALL Combat deck cards by 200×1,25×4 = 1000!

Artefacts are of 5 types: Magician spears, Magician shields, Magic mirrors, Amulets of Life and Voodoo Dolls.

They have effect in Arena, Tournament and GuildWar mass battles.

You cant equip two artefacts of same type (e.g. cant equip two Magician spears) in the same time!
Magician Spear
Increases dealed damage. E.g., epic Magician spear increases damage by 12%. Reverse damage does not increase!
Damage increment (% of card's power):
common — 2%
uncommon — 4%
rare — 8%
epic — 12%
legendary — 20%
mythic — 30%
Magician shield
Absorbs (decreases) received damage. E.g. epic Magician shield absorbs 11% of damage dealed. Reverse damage does not absorb!
Damage absorbtion (% of opponent's card power):
common — 2%
uncommon — 3%
rare — 7%
epic — 11%
legendary — 18%
mythic — 24%
Magic Mirror
Partially absorbs, partially reflects dealed damage to it's dealer. E.g., epic Magic mirror absorbs 6% and reflects 6% of dealed damage (as an addition to reverse damage).
Damage absorbtion, reflection (% of opponent's card power):
common — 1%, 1%
uncommon — 2%, 2%
rare — 4%, 4%
epic — 6%, 6%
legendary — 9%, 9%
mythic — 12%, 12%
Amulet of Life
Ressurects magician after death with x% of his max HP. E.g., epic Amulet of life ressurects magician with 12% of his max HP. Works only once per battle.
Resurrected HP (% of max HP):
common — 2%
uncommon — 4%
rare — 8%
epic — 12%
legendary — 20%
mythic — 30%
Voodoo Doll
Magician, after his death, curses his offender: decreases his current HP by X% of offender's max HP. E.g., epic Voodoo Doll will curse offender for 6% of his max HP. Works only once per battle.
HP decrement (% opponent's max HP):
common — 1%
uncommon —2%
rare — 4%
epic — 6%
legendary — 9%
mythic — 12%

If you have equipped Amulet of Life and Voodoo Doll, than when your HP becomes zero for first time - Amulet of Life will work, and when HP becomes zero for second time - Voodoo Doll will work.

Choose unnecessary items and artefacts and melt them! For a small fee, I will make you a new one!
If you have unnecessary items or artefacts, you cant melt/forge them into stronger ones. To do this, you need to take several items of same type/slot and same rarity, and pay for the work of blacksmith. The stronger the melted items, the harder and more expensive the work.

Forging rules:
4 common items + 5 = 1 uncommon item
5 uncommon items + 50 = 1 rare item
6 rare items + 500 = 1 epic item
7 epic items + 5000 = 1 legendary item
8 legendary items + 50 000 = 1 mythic item

The element of forged item depends on elements of melted items. Probability of specific element is in direct ratio of melted items elements.

— melting 4 common items of fire, you are guaranteed to get 1 uncommon item of fire of same slot.
— melting 2 common items of fire and 2 common items of earth, you will get uncommon item of fire with probability of 50% or uncommon item of earth with probability of 50%.
— melting 4 common items of 4 different elements, you will get uncommon items of one of four elements with probability of 25% each element.

Artefacts doesn't belong to any element, but they could be mixed in forge. E.g., Magician spears can be melted with Voodoo Dolls or Amulets of Life. The type of forged artefact depends on types of melted artefacts. Probability of specific type is in direct ration of melted artefacts' types.
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