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Players from the global leagues compete at the tournament.

E.g. mages from the third legendary and first legendary leagues will be at the same tournament.
This knockout tournament is divided into successive rounds. Each round is a real time duel between two mages.

There is qualification round in the beginning of the tournament. Its purpose is to level off the tournament grid. Strongest mages will not fight at this stage since they qualify automatically.

In qualification and 1st rounds all mages are paired randomly.

Losing mages are eliminated unless they have progressed to the semi-finals. Losers of the semi-finals fight with each other for the 3rd place.
To improve your chances of winning we recommend using buffs.

Buff can be purchased immediately before each fight. Each time you can buy only one buff which will last for the duration of one round.

There are two buffs to choose from. One of them will improve your strongest element. Another one will improve your element contrary to the enemy’s strongest element. The more health the buff yields the better it is.

In case your strongest and 'counteracting’ elements are the same the game will offer you to buff the element contrary to the one your opponent would presumably improve. In other words, I know that you know that I know :)
All players who qualified but have not reached 1/8 finals will get memorable medal of tournament contender.

Those eliminated in 1/8 and quarterfinals will be presented with special medals corresponding to contender’s league.

Finalists and semifinalists win the cups. Cups will slightly differ depending on the league.

Cups and medals come along with prize cards (mages of the legendary and mythic leagues will get magic sources instead). The more rounds you win the better the card will be.
Tournaments take place twice a day. Each global league has its own schedule which is available in the tournament section.
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