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Guild card

Guild card belongs to the guild. It helps all guild members. The card can be purchased and improved for treasury funds. Guild’s element predetermines the card’s element.
 Only Guild master or the Hand can purchase the card.

 Card’s price depends on the face creature only. Carefree Hobbit and Earth Tremor are equally powerful but priced differently.
 Initial level and power of all cards are equal and creature and element independent. Cost of improvement and consequent power increase are also totally equal for any guild card.

 Final power on maximum level will be the same as well.

 Actual or effective power of the guild card may differ from one player to another based on their loyalty.
 Guild card can be improved in the same way as any regular card but this time all guild members can absorb their own cards into the guild card.

 Gold levels can be paid from the treasury by Guild master or the Hand only.

 Every time the guild card gets through the gold level everybody in the guild will be presented with magic source of that level.

 In case guild card has reached 100% progress of gold level it is still possible to absorb cards into it. All contributions will be accounted for on the next regular level.

 Absorbed cards are accounted as a number of mysterious essences. These mysterious essences are what all cards are made of. Powerful cards yield more mysterious essences.

Absorption effectiveness is affected by the same ancient canon as cards in the battle: water puts out fire, fire burns air, air erodes earth and finally earth displaces water. That means the fastest way of improving a fire card is to feed it with air cards.

You can always check how many mysterious essences have been fed to the guild card by each mage in the stats section.
 Guild card helps mages in duels, arena fights, tournament, guild wars, Urfin's invasion and guild arena.

 If guild card is weaker than your 9th combat card then it only increases your health. There will be ‘Only protects’ sign in the description.

 If guild card possesses more power than your 9th combat card then it not only adds to your health but also acts as extra card in your combat deck. The sign in the description will read ‘Protects and attacks’.
Loyalty to Guild
 Actual or effective power of the guild card may be different for different mages based on their loyalty to the guild. Effective power for each individual player is equal to the card’s power multiplied by loyalty factor.

 Loyalty of the guild founder is 100% + number of full days spent in the guild. Each day adds 1%.

 Loyalty of any other guild member is 50% + number of full days spent in the guild.

 Max loyalty is limited by 150%.

 If you leave the guild your acquired loyalty will be voided immediately.
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