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Guild is the union of mages similar to a clan or an order of chivalry. The higher the guild’s level the more mages can join it. The level increases due to the experience that guild members earn in the duels.

Guild has unique name and its coat of arms. Also it belongs to a particular element.

As soon as mages reach level 10 they can join existing guilds or establish their own.

There is certain hierarchy of members inside the guild: Guild Master (head of the guild), the Hand, Marshals, Archmages, Combat mages, Adherents and Neophytes. All of them have different rights and responsibilities in accordance with guild’s internal agreements.

All guild members enjoy special bonus that increases silver and experience gained in the duels.

Every guild has its own treasury. All members can and actually should contribute to the treasury. Gold and silver accumulated in the treasury can be used to enhance the guild raids and to perfect the guild card.
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