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Guild Raids (dragons)
Guild raid is a special mission for a group of mages from the same guild where they fight various dragons. One can certainly try to defeat a dragon alone but chances of winning are slim to none. Dragon’s health is around 300 000.

Sure enough the best way to deal with a dragon is to hit it with crits (x1.5 pairs). If you were dealt a bad hand you can always change your cards for just 10 gold by clicking ‘Change cards’ button. Or you can sit and wait using ‘Wait’ button instead.

Be careful! All dragons breath fire every so often. This fire burns mages and it hurts, believe me.
It is wise to attack the beast fiercely and finish the fight quickly.

In order to fight with a dragon you need to join the raid. When there are enough mages in the raid it can be started by the highest ranked raid member. Should several mages have the same rank the person with highest guild experience will be chosen.

Raid prize is a card with the defeated dragon! Now you understand the benefits of guild membership, right?
There will be only one card for each successful raid attempt. Who will get it? The mage with highest dragonslayer rating gets the prize. In fact the dragonslayer rating or points is cumulative damage done by you in the raids. Current dragonslayer ratings of all mages can be seen in the special section where you can assess your chances. Dragonslayer points will be granted only in case of victory over the dragon.

The mage who gets the card will lose half of his/her dragonslayer points. Therefore chances of others are constantly improving.

If you managed to win then the dragon needs some time to rebirth. This time can be shortened by leveling the raid up. Only guild leaders can improve the raids. Such upgrade will be funded from the treasury.

If dragon wins you can attack it again right away since there is no need for the rebirth.
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