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Guild Alliances
Two guilds can form an alliance.

Fundamental principle of the alliance is mutual willingness to form one.

Only Guild Master or the Hand can propose alliance. This can be done on the main page of prospective ally guild. There will be “Propose alliance” button unless that guild is already in another alliance.

Nobody will be notified of Alliance proposition. Alliance will be formed only if mutual willingness principle is fulfilled. This means that the head of the guild which was proposed an alliance needs to propose it in return. In this case an alliance will be automatically created. Once it’s done your ally’s name will appear in the guild menu.

Tip: Easiest way to form an alliance is to negotiate details by mail and complete formalities afterwards.

Either guild can abandon alliance on its discretion. All it takes is for the Guild Master or the Hand to click “Abandon alliance” button at bottom of the ally guild page and confirm it.

Alliance chat is available to the mages of the alliance.

Alliance card
All mages from an alliance enjoy alliance card in addition to their combat deck. Alliance card is the guild card of your ally.

Actual or effective power of the alliance card may be different for different mages based on their loyalty to the guild.

Effective power for each individual player is equal to the card’s power multiplied by loyalty factor. In this case loyalty is capped by 100%.

Alliance card will vanish as soon as alliance is broken or a mage left the guild.

Principle of operation of the alliance card is similar to the same of the guild card.
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