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Guild Wars
Guild wars are currently available for the guilds of 35 level or higher.

If there is odd number of such guilds then one guild of level 34 with best combat rating will be added.
Guild wars take place weekly and last for 5 days from Monday through Friday.
Days breakdown
Monday — The war begins. Each side studies the enemy and plans battles according to the published schedule.
Tuesday — Duels between individual mages.
Wednesday — Mass battles between the guilds.
Thursday — Duels between mages again.
Friday — Final battles of the war.
Saturday — War conclusion.
Sunday — Day off :)

Only combat mages and higher ranked members will be drafted into the war. Adherents and neophytes will not.

List of the recruits is being composed at the beginning of the war which is Sun-Mon midnight. None of promotions, demotions or acceptance of new members will affect this list. Drafted mages cannot leave the guild during the war. However, it is still possible to level up personal cards and the guild card with no limitations.
First day of warfare. Preparation.

Opposing guilds are assigned to each other based on the combat rating. List of recruits and schedule are announced. During this day mages can examine their enemies and learn the schedule.

Members of both guilds can see the lists of allied and enemy forces sorted by the deck strength (guild card and loyalty accounted). Mages can use these lists to assign individual enemies for the next day.
Duels for the keys.

In case of victory the mage will win a key. This key is required to access mass battles of the next day. Every mage has three attempts to seize the keys in duels. Each mage guards three keys. Any mage can be attacked by the same enemy only once. That means you have to defeat three different enemies in order to get all three keys.

Be considerate of your fellow mages with weaker decks. If the powerful mages obtain their keys from the weak enemies they effectively deny others a chance of winning more keys. This can undermine chances of the entire guild to win the war.

If there are adherents or neophytes in your guild then there will be one unprotected key for each one of them offered to your enemies. These keys can be picked up with no fight.

Do not jump to conclusion that everyone should be drafted into the war. If your recruits are too weak then they may easily surrender all three keys to the enemy instead of one.

On top of the keys all mages will earn experience in the duels that equals to the damage dealt in case of win and half of it in case of loss. Buffs from the store are valid.

For advanced players: Full Urfin's favorites collection gives you an extra attempt to seize the key if you failed in one or more duels.

Mass battles between the guilds.

Results of these battles decide the outcome of entire war. Guild with most victories wins the war!

Each key obtained recently allows you to fight in one mass battle.

All battles begin in accordance with automatically generated schedule.

One key is required to fight in one battle. There are four battles per day. Mages must decide which battles they will fight in.

All unused keys will vanish by the end of Wednesday.

There are two stages in mass battles.

First stage is a fight in one of two locations. Each mage will have to choose the most favorable location.

All location pairs are permanent. Each location provides bonus to two certain elements:

Sleepless volcanoes
Rain jungles

Chilly tundra
Geyser vale

Wildwind ocean
Blazing lands

There is no limit on number of mages in either location. Guild master, the Hand and Marshals can see the number and names of allied mages in both locations.

Latercomers can join the fighting squad until the battle is over. In addition to the key they will pay 10 gold.

Those who survived in the initial locations will enter the second stage that is battle in Wasteland.

Wasteland is exactly where outcome of the entire battle will be decided.

Mages entering Wasteland retain location bonus and their remaining health. E.g.:
You remaining health

25 320 (30%)

All guild war veterans will be rewarded depending on damage dealt in each battle.

Prize diamonds will not count in the weekly marathon!
Same as Tuesday. Everyone will have three new tries to seize three keys for Friday battles.
Same as Wednesday. Mages will use keys obtained the day before.
This day is for concluding the war, giving away prizes and recalculating guilds’ battle rating.

The war winner will be decided based on number of victories in mass battles only.

Whichever guild has more victories wins the war. If the score is tied then the guild with most total inflicted damage will be the winner.

Every mage from the winning guild receives magic source of the same level as defeated guild’s card. Element of the source is random.

Every mage from the defeated guild receives magic source 10 levels below the winning guild’s card. Element of the source is random.

Winning guild gets 1000 gold to the treasury. Besides that, 5 gold for each seized key will be contributed to the treasury on behalf of each veteran. Defeated guild gets 2 gold for each seized key to the treasury on behalf of each veteran. This gold will be recorded in the treasury stats.

After the war the combat rating of the guilds gets recalculated. A guild will get 1 rating point for each battle won plus 1 point for each consecutive victory in the wars.

E.g. if your guild won a war with 5:3 score then its rating will gain 5+1 points (5 for the battles won and 1 for the first victory).

In case of 4:4 victory in the next war your guild will enjoy 4+2 rating rise (4 for the battles and 2 for the second victory).

Updated combat rating will be published after the recalculation. Next Monday new pairs of rivaling guilds will be generated according to this rating.

Three times a year war season ends. Winners get rewarded with memorable medals. Ratings get recalculated based on combined deck strength of all guild members liable for military service (combat mages and higher).
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